How to get a project into the community projects search page?

have a security project:

It uses yolov7 and more to build a complete home security state machine for real practise security application. Shortly it will support the Seeed Studio recomputers, I have delivery of the Orin NX 16GB already, Nano on it’s way shortly.

How do I get that to return in the following page:

Kim Hendrikse

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Hi @KimHendrikse, thanks for posting your project, looks cool! Great work. We’ll review it to see about posting it on the Jetson Community Projects page.

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So what was the outcome of your review?

BTW, shortly I’ll be releasing updated install code that will then install to the complex Orin series of platforms as well. This is already working for NVidia, Jetson Orin AGX, Orin, NX and Orin Nano (On a develop branch), I just need to complete it for the Seeed studio verions of these boards before releasing it.

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@KimHendrikse sorry for the delay - we are still working through a backlog of projects, and it appears that this was already in there from back in 2021 - but given the updates and videos you have made, I’ll request that it be re-reviewed again. Thanks for your patience as we work through these.

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Thanks I appreciate it! It’s actually a very mature project, it was mostly fully developed in 2011 and was evolving since then. Only the AI part is newish. I added that in 2019. But I only open sourced it with one command installation in 2021.

I’ll be started a documentation project for it soon as it can do a lot out of the box.

I’m pretty sure it’s the only security project that can make use of different AI models within different parts of the same image and in boolean combinations as well.

Kim Hendrikse

Okay, so it’s October now. Still not linked in there. And that was the second time I asked. I spent years working on this project and bought numerous Jetson devices in it’s development. It’s full featured and production ready and I can’t even get it linked into the projects page under security projects.

It’s hard work getting any traction on Jetson projects. I’m considering shifting my focus to the Raspberry Pi as the edge device.