How to get() a sensors and monitorable hardware list (like fan controllers for example) under debian/ubuntu

 I'm trying to get into development but right now Im stuck on debugging something because there is a problem with the fan controller(s) and their access under Debian/Ubuntu.  I have a 3 fan RTX2080 when using the 'coolbits 4' option it does not control the fans separately either nor show all 3.  Only 2 fan sliders appear in the CP.  1 slider controls all 3, and the other slider that appears controls nothing and always goes back to 100% when modified. Even worse if coolbits is not set, the automatic fan controller never turns on one of the fans ever. to me this means the drivers arent seeing the card right or not reading what is available on the card model properly.

 Now I know based on what I said above this would be more of a question/topic for the linux section but let me clarify on what I need (I was saying 'why' I need it above)  Im hoping to find documentation or code that allows you to list all hardware sensors and editable devices on the graphics card.  I cant find this anywhere.  I can see how to read hardware sensors, eg get fan speed or working/broken flag, but there is nothing showing how to determine the total # of fans.  I would think there some kind of API call that lets you do this...

 Sorry if its kinda confusing how I asked first time here but my eyes are swimming already from all the tiny font API references let alone trying to navigate thru it and the right place.  Im using PPA drivers so they are open and I wished to help contribute in any way a I can so Ive been searching high and low for this API call, or even for a complete API reference (if that even exists..)

If anyone can help thank you for your time.