How to get continuous video picture (using ADV7282M)

Hi, now I’m trying to get the continuous video picture.
I’m using the custom carrier board which mounts the ADV7282M of NTSC-CSI bridge IC.
The hard is consists of following part.
NTSC camera -(NTSC)-> ADV7282M -(CSI)-> Jetson Tx2(Tegra)
In this case, the CSI is used only 1 lane.

Now I can get the picture of the first frame.
But I cannot get the picture from next second frame.

  • I can get only the first 1 frame.
    Could you please give me advice?
v4l2-ctl –set-fmt-video=720,height=507,pixelformat=YUYV \
--set-ctrl bypass_mode=0 –stream-mmap –stream-count=5 \

I attach the ktrace result on here.

adv7182M_ktrace.txt (6.89 KB)

From the log looks like ADV7282M only output a frame you may need to probe to check it.

Hi takashi.hayakawa.js,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem?
Any result can be shared?


hello, @takashi.hayakawa.js can u adv7282m work fine on tx2?