How to get CUDA 2.2 Beta quickly

I bought a Geforce 275 video card last week and installed it on the server computer in our research center. Unfortunately, the computer is using Windows Server 2003 (64-bit) operating system so I can’t compile any CUDA codes so far. It is not easy to change operating system on the server computer. I wish to do some simple tests and get to know if CUDA can help enhance the speed of our research. I was told I could fill out a form online to become a register developer but I don’t know if I am qualified since I am not specializing in software development. Who can give me some suggestions for how to get CUDA 2.2 Beta version quickly (I heard this version supports Windows Server 2003, 64-bit)? Thanks a lot!

tmurray said to just fill out the form with everything you can if you’re in academia. I got my login within a day.