How to get embbed data on jetson orin

no, the picture is 8M sensor, now I using 2m sensor, actually is 1920x1080

hello helianyi,

how many lines is your embedded data? if that’s 1-line, could you please confirm embedded data is outputting with 1920x1.

yes embbed data 1920x1

hello helianyi,

please share the VI tracing logs with the DT settings as you mentioned in comment #14.

emb-device-tree.txt (5.2 KB)
emb-vi-trace.txt (138.9 KB)
this is DT setting and VI tracing

hello helianyi,

is this meant you’ve separate stream for sending embedded data?

			gmsl-link {
				streams = "yuy2", "embed";

yes, embed and yuv data passthrouth diff pipe inside max96712, yuv passthrouth pipe2, embbed data passthrouth pipe6 , but both has same vcid vc is 2
yuv dt is 0x1e
embbed data dt is 0x12

hello helianyi,

TBH, I’m not sure whether we support GMSL with embedded metadata.
let me check this internally, you may disable that as your temporary solution.

Hi JerryChang:
thanks, waiting you update .