how to get gpu infos like : temperature,power,process etc. without command "nvidia-smi"

helle every programmers !
this is my first time join in the community and create Topic to ask for help .

I need to get some gpu runtime base-infos when gpus are running some ai-train work .

I know the command “nvidia-smi” can help me to get all of infos I want . But the trouble is this command sometimes would increase the cpu usage , which impacts the main task running. And I dont need to get all base-infos from command “nvidia-smi”,I just need a little bit like gpu’s temperature,power,processes etc.

I ve read the open-gpu-doc , but there is no use for get these infos.

so I hope a solution can help me to get infos directly by the linux shell command .

Thanks !

There’s only NVML but that’s nothing ready-to-go, just a library so you’ll have to develop an application yourself.