How to get GRID release installed on hypervisor from VM running on that hypervisor?


Is there a way of detecting what GRID drivers version is installed on hypervisor that a vm is running on? A way of doing that with no nvidia drivers installed on guest vm would be preferred, in case it can’t be done - with nvidia drivers installed then.

The goal is to write a script that installs nvidia drivers automatically and, as guest driver version depends on hypervisor driver version, guest must detect hypervisor version somehow to know which guest drivers version to install.



Pretty easy: simply run nvidia-smi on the host

This is right response but my question was not precise enough. How to detect what GRID version is installed on hypervisor from within guest vm with vgpu assigned?

Well, I guess you would need to run hypervisor CLI in order to be able to get the required host output. I don’t see another way to get the host context from VM guest.