How to get help from Nvidia, I have been posting for a year, and still NO Nvidia SOLUTION

I guess I have a long haul problem, can I get to another level of Nvidia support.


Hi terrysu50z

Please list down the issue that you opened, we can do the review for the support.

Regarding the support level, please contact your Customer Program Manager or sales representative to do the further discussion.

  1. set status in my gstream app to NULL hangs and never returns, have to kill the app to get it to terminate.

  2. starting my gstreamer app will not start 100% of the time, get a ton of syslog messages and no video. Gstreamer app does not get any notification and have to kill the app, restart nvargus-daemon to get app to run.

multiple topics have been created over the past year, please look at Terrysu50z history. syslogs, are in the previous posts.

I am using a Lumenera camera, but the Lumenera people say that the standard Nvidia camera has the same problems with my gstreamer app.

I am using r32.3.1, a ton of changes, and a looming release date, so I can’t change OS’s


I am not a “camera guy” and don’t know much about gstreamer, but there is maybe a way to get some clues if nothing else is helping (I’d try all the answers anyone might give for gstreamer and do this last). One can use “strace” at times.

What strace does is to show system calls by your application. This means a list of C-like statements of everything passed between the kernel and the app (there is a “cousin” application for tracing calls among libraries and the app, “ltrace”). You would get an absolutely enormous log using strace, but the trick is that you could remove all but the last couple hundred lines of log which are left as you use control-c to terminate (or after whatever you do to terminate).

You could log something like this (I’m just going to use “gstreamer” as the application, but you’d also have to put the arguments in…I don’t know anything about gstreamer arguments though):
strace -oLogFile.txt gstreamer

Keep in mind there are times you will need to use sudo with this, but not always…needing sudo is itself a clue. Kill the app as soon as you can after you know you’ve reached the problem stage. The file will be enormous. Then you can create a smaller one via something like this:
tail -n 300 LogFile.txt | tee ShortLog.txt

Within ShortLog.txt you probably have something which indicates some sort of infinite loop…I have no idea what…but if you post that it could help. You’d also have to give many more details about what arguments you used and what you were hoping the app would actually do. The log will include a lot of system details which are showing as failing, but have nothing to do with this, e.g., an app will try to set locale to every locale in the system just to see if that locale is used, and you’ll see errors on all of the locales except the one it uses…this is normal and not a bug, but is a big reason why the log gets so enormous so fast. If we know what the app is attempting to do (and its arguments), then the content of the last 300 or so lines will have some context and might point to the issue, e.g., a file which was important but not readable.

Of course if the issue is in another forum thread already, then you’d want to do this in the other thread.