How to get hold of older more stable graphics drivers?

Until the past few months, I haven’t really been thinking about what drivers I’ve been using as I just didn’t have any problems.

This post of mine describes most of my issues in depth:

To cut it short, I’ve had problems with blank screens, tearing, game brightness being locked when using the native resolution and other problems that seem to be similar to what rather a lot of us have experienced with the drivers more recently. I’ve found a way that sorts most of these out.

One problem that is really big is the amount of random low frame rate intervals I get. This is only on the output to the display as the system and applications running both indicate the frame rate is what it should be. Pretty much had to give up gaming because of this. But it is on all applications. Even just dragging windows around is jerky when i have these intervals.

I also think some of the audio drivers for NVIDIA are messing up the USB audio. I get loads of popping and crackling in certain applications through USB audio when my monitor is unplugged or I change inputs via remote on my HDMI switch. This didn’t used to be the case. I could do with a way of entirely removing any kind of support for HDMI audio so it never tries to jump back to it. Some have said elsewhere that a bios update to my B550 plus can solve USB audio problems, but I don’t know how to do this so I would rather see if it is nvidia related first.

What seems ridiculous is that my 11 year old computer with the GT630 runs smoothly on everything the card is capable of. That has drivers well below 400 (can’t remember exactly). My GTX 1650 in my new PC or the drivers has been having problems occur after the first month of having it.

What I want to try is going back to 445 or 440. I’ve tried 465 and that is even worse than 450 and 460. Half the time all applications are horrible and choppy. I believe when I got this new PC a few months back, it must have been with one of these earlier driver numbers, then it was probably when it auto updated to 450 that it got messed up. Been using 460 for the past few weeks and that solved a few issues that the previous had, but is still hard to tolerate using for much at all.

How can i grab an older driver and disable it from updating until i want it to?

Any other suggestions welcome.

Note - I did attempt to attach my latest nvidia bug report file, but it said “connection refused” every time I tried.