How to get Material Data document of TX2 and TX2i?

Hi, we need to summarize matrial data of our product to meet requirements of IMDS and CAMDS. I have found Environmental Compliance Certification,but no mass ratio of each substance.So need help to get it.

Hi, we are checking this, will update once available. Thanks.

IMDS/CAMS is not available for JEP. If any further question on this, please check with local sales or contact window.

Got it. We had contacted your agent, but got little useful information. Do you have MCDS(material content data sheet) of TX2 and TX2i? Just like this:

No. There is a bom bill in DLC which contains all components on carrier board. No bom of module is released.

Maybe you misunderstand my meaning. I didn’t want your BOM. Just need substances mass ratio in PCBA, like silicon, silver ,Resin,carbon black, gold ,etc.

No such doc is available for JEP.

OK. Thanks all the same.