How to get multiple video output streams from Orin

How can we get multiple video output streams from the Orin module such as HDMI?
It seems PCIe is the only way to get video out. Can we just plug a graphics card into Orin PCIe lanes?

Please share your use-case. How many video outputs are required? And is it fine to output to DP port or HDMI out is a hard requirement? On Orin developer kit we only support DP out.

We would like to have up to six video outputs. HDMI is preferred but DP could also work.
I found this in the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Series Technical Brief v1.1:

The Display Port can support 2 displays using the Multi-stream mode on DP1.4

So we could have two displays using DP MST but would like to have more than two.


MST will be supported after JP5.0 GA.

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