How to get notification when object terminated

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• DeepStream Version 6.1
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I read the doc and it said:

However, the target will be terminated if the shadowTrackingAge exceeds `maxShadowTrackingAge`

I want to know the tracking status of all objects in one frame, what’s more, I need to know when a object being terminated. Is there a way to do so?

Hope you can give me some advice.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @damonzzz , what’s your specific user case to get these informations?

Thanks for the quick reply.

In my case, I need to monitor all tracked-objects in one frame. Assume I create a pool to store their information. When an object reaches its end, I need to delete it from the pool.
However, I didn’t find a way to get the status of tracked object in ds doc so far.

I think you can take advantage of the object user data. Right after an object is created (usually after the pgie detector), use a gst-pad to attach user data. Customize the user data’s release function to do the notification as you want.

@snapeandcandy thanks for advice. That may be a solution though it is complicated. I still wonder if I can directly get the tracking status since there are existing properties in nvtracker.

@damonzzz , it’s the internal status. So you cann’t directly get it now. You can try to realize it with user data by yourself.