How to get OS kernel call stack using Nsight Systems?

I am profiling an application on a Jetson AGX Xavier using Nsight Systems 2020.5.3 that comes with Jetpack 4.4

In the Bottom-Up View, I can see some symbols that belong to the module [kernel.kallsyms]. I assumed that these symbols represent what the CPUs are doing in the OS kernel state.
Such as this _raw_spin_unlock_irq:

What I expect:
I should be able to see how the kernel ended up in _raw_spin_unlock_irq. I want to know which parent function, which should be in kernel-space, called it.

What I see:
Nsight System only tells me that the _raw_spin_unlock_irq is called by a bunch of user-space libc functions like __sched_yield. It does NOT tell me its immediate parent node which should be in kernel-space.

What can I do to make Nsight Systems provide a kernel stack trace?

P.S. this is my full report: Report 22.qdrep - Google Drive

Thank you for your proposal. We looked into this feature previously, and while it seems to be relatively straightforward to implement, we don’t currently have plans for it. We only show one level deep in the kernel space — the exact function hit by the sampling mechanism.

Can you please explain why you need to see the kernel space backtrace in this case?

Linux perf should be able to collect both kernel and user space call stacks. Beware though that the sampling logic is different between NSys and Linux perf. Our algorithm is more biased towards sched-out events. If the profiled application has a lot of wake-and-sleep cycles (which is common when something uses sched_yield), the sampling results will have higher percentage dedicated to the functions that cause the thread to become blocked.