How to get ParaView animation/timesteps into Unreal Engine 5?

Hi all, I am trying out ParaView Connector 100.0.1 and UE5 Connector version 105.1.237, and I’m also new to using USD. My goal is to get a ParaView visualization with timesteps into Unreal. I find that Omniverse Create can play the sequence, but when opening OV Nucleus USD scene in Unreal as a new level, importing a USD as a Blueprint, or importing OV Nucleus USD into an existing level, I find that there are keyframes for each timestep in the LevelSequencer / ActorSequencerComponent, but there is no difference between each keyframe; no animation occurs.

In other words, it seems like the clips defined in the USDs, which load different meshes at each timestep I think, are not getting translated into a proper sequence in Unreal.

Is this expected? Are there any workarounds? I was very hopeful it would “just work.” Thanks in advance for any help.

Hello @jason.aaron.ortiz. It appears that ParaView is exporting time sampled vertex animation data. Unfortunately, the Unreal Connector does not currently support this format. However, using the built in USD stage in Unreal you should be able to open this file and preview the changing topology. Although, you will not be able to import it as a uasset since Epic currently has a bug with importing geometry caches from USD as well.

Thanks for the reply! Does this mean the Unreal Connector is blocked from supporting it, or would that just take time?

Hello @jason.aaron.ortiz. This will likely just take some time to implement. Thank you!

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