How to get rugged USB3.0 ports on a PCIe-to-USB expander card?


Hello. I am expanding the number of USB3.0 ports on my Jetson Xavier AGX by using a PCIe expander card like this one by StarTech. Is there a way to make these ports stronger to meet industrial requirements, to get stronger/better USB ports with such expander cards that gives more stable connection methods like Scre-lock pins at each end of USB peripheral, or any other industrial methods ?

Are you asking about how to secure the card to the PCIe slot of the Xavier? Or how to change the USB port connectors? If you mean the former, then you’d probably have to machine a custom adapter bracket. If you mean the latter, then you’ll probably have to custom build your own expander card (I’ve seen ruggedized USB ports at Digikey which were rather expensive, but don’t remember any details).

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We have no such recommendation or experience can be shared. But you can search in open market to find design/device for this.

I mean to change the USB ports on the PCIe card so that all USB ports on my carrier can be rugged.

For Jetson, it is OK to route its USB ports out for stronger design.

You will probably need a custom PCIe card. Retrofitting an existing PCIe USB card would not be easy (I suppose it could be done, but this would be non-trivial).

Get a USB-C module like this instead