How to get streammux message from bus in gstreamer

Hi ,everyone
I am using nvstreammux in gstreamer.
but the message of nvstreammux is Gst.MessageType.ELEMENT ,so how to parse the message from nvstreammux ?

def bus_call(bus, message, loop,queue,bin):
    t = message.type
    if t == Gst.MessageType.ELEMENT:

output logs

<flags GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT of type Gst.MessageType> 
<__gi__.GstNvStreamMux object at 0x7f5670768708 (GstNvStreamMux at 0x1ef4230)>

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?


Yes, i need suuport
I want to get more information from the GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT

You can refer c++ version parsing message type GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT
in any app function bus_call

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