How to get the power up reason on orin

Hi , nvidia teams:
Is there some method to get the power up reason on orin? just like “/proc/sys/kernel/boot_reason” on qualcomm platform.

Not sure about the query. Could you share what information is shown in boot_reason? Would like to know more information about it.

Hi, DaneLLL:
Thanks for your replay , I means the orin boot up should by the following reason:
1. press the power key the reset key
3.system reset
4. watch dog reset
5. kernel panic

So, how to know the orin boot up by which reason?


Jetson Orin uses /sys/devices/platform/c360000.pmc/reset_reason to populate boot reason.

root@jetson:/home/ubuntu# cat /sys/devices/platform/c360000.pmc/reset_reason

The reasons are mapped from PMC module in TRM.
System reset types are propagated in PMC_IMPL_RST_STATUS_0 as below:

Bit Reset Description
                  0 = SYS_RESET_N
                  1 = AOWDT
                  2 = BCCPLEXWDT
                  3 = BPMPWDT
                  4 = SCEWDT
                  5 = SPEWDT
                  6 = APEWDT
                  7 = LCCPLEXWDT
                  8 = SENSOR
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Hi, spatra:
Thank you very much!

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