How to get the power value of Bluefield3?

Hi guys,
I want to get the real-time power value of Bluefield3. Is there any API or tool which I can use to get the real-time power consumption value.


hi James

We do not have such tool to get real-time value.
For the static value, you can get from Electrical and thermal specifications:
Electrical and thermal specifications are provided in "NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs and SuperNICs Electrical and Thermal Specifications " document. You can access the document either by logging into NVOnline or by contacting your NVIDIA representative.

Thank you
Meng, Shi

Hi Shi Meng,
Thanks for your information.
Is there any sensor inside the Bluefield3 that I can read to get the real-time power value?


From your spec, I found that there are some registers that I can use to read the power information. But when I use the mlxreg command to read, it always report “ME_ICMD_OPERATIONAL_ERROR” on Bluefield3 B3140H. Could you help to identify this issue?