How to get the TRACE32 (LAUTERBACH) script for ORIN AGX?

I have a Jetson Orin AGX devkit(64GB) and LAUTERBACH TRACE32.
I want to connect T32 to Orin using JTAG Debug connector (J502)

For to do this, I requested a T32 script for ORIN through a domestic Nvidia Jetson/LAUTERBACH supplier(Korea).
The supplier tell me that we can get this script from Nvidia, but reply being delayed.

How I can get the TRACE32 script for ORIN AGX(for Cortex A/R core) ?

I’d be interested in this answer as well. I never found the Lauterbach tech support useful in this regard, and what used to be published long ago was not really complete. All of that was for older hardware, e.g., the TX2. So far as I know Orin is basically just DStream. You might examine these:

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