How to get to system configuration - jetson nano 2 gb

I am trying to switch the wifi on my jetson nano as I am using a different wifi router. How do I access the system configuration again to fix this? I am on windows 10 using putty.

HI andrewxn3,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

Do you connect you board with an external monitor?
You could setup or switch your wireless network in Ubuntu Desktop of the board with a monitor.

Could you access your board with putty or serial console?
Please help to provide the result of ifconfig command on your board.

I’m not a Wi-Fi guy, but do be aware that the setup is the same as most any Ubuntu 18.04 Wi-Fi setup. For example, this search often mentions using nmcli to perform such setup:
Search for: “ubuntu 18.04” “command line” “wifi” setup

Here’s an interesting answer using nmtui, a text-based “pseudo” graphical setup:

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