How to get two vms gpu accelerated on my physical workstation

I was looking at gpu passthru but am not sure it would do what I need. I have rapids on linux (which has you disable iommu). I have arcgis pro on windows. Currently I have one workstation, one graphics card, and I have to boot back and forth and I’m sick of that.

What I need is one host and I’d prefer that to be linux. I do the ai in ubuntu but if the host needs to be another distro i’m fine with that (I have an RHEL dev sub so I could host on red hat). I would like to have an ubuntu vm with gpu access as well as a windows vm with gpu access. Everything I’ve been reading has been either passthru or vgpu. vgpu looks like it’s a perfect fit but when I dig deeper it’s aimed at data centers for VDI. That sounds expensive.

I just need to get out of this rebooting back and forth and would love to get to two accelerated vms on my machine going against the home NAS so I can work on something in one and get at that data from the other without rebooting.

I would have no issue buying a workstation card if that’s what is needed. I was looking at an a4000 host card and split an a6000 between the vms. But I don’t know anything about the cost beyond that, e.g. how licensing would work or cost especially because I’m just a mapgeek telecommuting and not a data center.