How to get wheel camber?

Noticed that with PxVehicleWheelsDynData I can call getWheelRotationAngle, about the rolling axis, and with PxWheelQueryResult get steerAngle of a wheel. But, how can I get the simulated wheel with camber movement?

I’m using PhysX on Unreal Engine 4.11

PhysX does support camber angles. You can find the camber values in PxVehicleSuspensionData. The parameters are explained in the “Tuning Guide” section if the guide.



Hi Gordon, thanks for your reply. I do know that it support camber angles, but how to get that simulated angle on PhysX and set it to my shape that is the problem…

Thanks anyway

The function PxVehicleUpdates will pose the PxShape instance associated with the wheel. It uses steer, rotation angle, camber and suspension compression to apply a local pose to the wheel. Setting the wheel pose is entirely automatic and a function of the vehicle sdk.

You’re probably wondering how to associate a vehicle wheel with a PxShape instance. Please look at the function PxVehicleWheelsSimData::setWheelShapeMapping. This allows you to associate wheel N with shape P.



Hi Gordon,

Thank you again for your support!
It worked very well!Although I was really trying to associate the PxShape to the Wheel, instead of setWheelShapeMapping, realized that I could use getLocalPose from the shape. (UE4 uses similar functions to get steer and rotation from physics scene a)