how to go from tegra uartX to device tree address?

I have a number of uarts connected to the tegra module that have UARTX (X==number). I am trying to go through the exercise of going from schematic pin UART to the device tree serial node (and then in turn block device). How do I do this?

hello ryeager12,

sorry, I don’t quite understand your request.
may I know what you would like to do here, please have an example or use-case description.

Figured it out.

On a device:

sudo cat /proc/tty/driver/tegra_hsuart

This will get you a list of the currently enabled uarts as well as their address:
1: uart:TEGRA_UART mmio:0x03110000 irq:38 tx:0 rx:0 CTS
2: uart:TEGRA_UART mmio:0x0C280000 irq:39 tx:40 rx:0 CTS
3: uart:TEGRA_UART mmio:0x03130000 irq:40 tx:0 rx:0 CTS

The corresponding 1/2/3 correspond to the tty devices /dev/ttyTHSX

In the skydio pinmux dtsi file generated from the pinmux spreadsheet, look at the pin name for the uartx from the schematic. There will be a nvidia,function = “uartX” That uartX is the alias for the uart.

This alias will correspond to a serial@ in tegra166-soc-uart.dtsi