How to handle frame loss using deepstream in VA

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I am running a video analytics application where I need to access live RTSP and do processing on each frame. But our overall application accuracy is less and we are suspecting that this is due to frame loss that is happening at the input side.

My request to community is that is there any way (script or some other method) inside deepstream using which we can validate if there is any frameloss happening while just reading the input rtsp. If there is no frame loss then we can debug the second step where we will try to optimize the solution. There is a high possibility that the way we are using deepstream to read a live rtsp is not efficient enough. I would highly appreciate for any support to clarify our understanding and solve the issue.

GPU Type: RTX 3080
Deepstream Version: 6.4

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Udaykiran Patnaik.

Additionally, we have verified via VMS that there is no frame loss or packet loss. So, is there any possibility that even when there is no direct frame loss from source but still due to improper or incomplete configuration inside deepstream pipeline frame loss may happen? How does it depend on type of GPU like RTX 3080 vs L4?

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Udaykiran Patnaik.

Very unfortunate to know that there is no response as this is one of the critical issue for real time Video analytics application.

sorry for the late reply! DeepStream uses opensource Gstreamer rtspsrc to receive rtsp source. wthat is the whole media pipeline? what is the model used to do?

if you set interval, please refer to interval in nvinfer. this parameter means “number of consecutive batches to be skipped for inference”.

Hi, We are using media pipeline as nvurisrcbin and “number of consecutive batches to be skipped for inference” set as zero.

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Udaykiran Patnaik.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more. Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one. Thanks.
nvurisrcbin encapsulates rtspsrc and hardware decoding. this plugin will not drop frame at default. why will frame loss cause accuracy to be less? do you mean packet loss? did you see mosaic or decoding failed?

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