How to I2s1 and I2s2 pass through on TX2

Hi everyone?

I want to pass through to I2S2 → I2S1.

I2S1 is work and can hear sound but i stucked and can not advance to next step.

(OUTER device ) → / (i2s pin … ) / → i2s2 → TX2 → I2S1 → rt5631 codec → speaker.

pin setted well but dont know what to do and how to test.

thx all~


What is the I2S2 and I2S1 configuration in your usecase (Master/Slave)? We recommend to have atleast one Tegra I2S interface configured as Master.

What is the channel, sampling rate configuration and bits per sample in this usecase? [We recommend to keep configuration fixed for such I/O to I/O loopback usecases.]

First please ensure, capture via I2S2 is working fine using arecord. (OUTER device → i2s2). Kindly refer to set correct pinmux for I2S2.


The speaker is connected codec and i2s0 playback is working now
Screenshot from 2021-06-22 09-28-36

Yesterday, I I2S1 tested by amixer and checking signals .

amixer -c 1 sset ‘I2S1 Mux’ ‘I2S2’
aplay -Dhw:tegrasndt186ref,1 test.wav
→ signal is work sound is not working
i2s0 playback is not working too

amixer -c 1 sset ‘I2S1 Mux’ ‘ADMAIF2’
aplay -Dhw:tegrasndt186ref,1 test.wav
→ signal is work sound is work.
but i2s0 playback is not working

other i2s device which sending I2S signals is not coming yet and i wait that.

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