How to identify/isolate and solve a potential hardware problem (Nano A02)


My Jetson Nano A02 has a problem after a CSI camera was not correctly connected.

After the next boot, the HDMI resolution was not identified correctly anymore – the screen resolution was set to 640x480 and after a while to 1280x720.

USB Devices (Keyboard, Mouse) and Network work properly – system is coming up as expected.
I think CSI camera and M.2 WLAN doesn´t work.

Trying to solve with a new and clean SD-Card (latest image) was not successful.

In DMESG is see some errors like:

  • tegra-i2c 7000c700.i2c pio timed out addr 0x50 tlen:28 rlen:128
  • i2c transfer timed out addr: 0x50
  • Extcon AUX1 (HDMI) disable
  • edid invalid

Any ideas how to solve ?

hello guido.wortmann,

could you please confirm this issue gone without CSI camera connected?
please also attach the details kernel messages for reference, you may upload the logs as an attachment.

Hello Jerry,

no, i can not confirm. To analyze further I unplugged everything from the jetson nano dev kit - but still see a wrong resolution (1280 x 720 with detected NVD 40" monitor in the system configuration)

The SD-Card (software setup) works well with another machine.
Pls find attached a snipped syslog and dmesg.

syslog (38.3 KB)
dmesg.txt (66.0 KB)


Generally, in normal case, jetson will read the monitor information (edid) from your monitor through i2c channel.

If i2c read failure, it will fallback to a hardcoded mode (720p) from our driver. This is why you see 720p on your device now.

We don’t know whether current problem is due to hardware or software. You can try different monitors and also flash your nano with sdkmanager.

If none of them can make display show correct resolution, you can RMA this device.