How to identify Jetson orin developer kit as IGX orin developer kit use SDK manager

Hi ,
Manual said that IGX uses Jetson orin+a6000. We attempted to install the NVIDIA Holoscan SDK into Jetson orin using sdk manager, but the sdk manager was unable to discover IGX devices. Is there any way to make Jetson orin be discovered as an IGX device? Thanks

Hello, from Holoscan SDK v0.2 and onwards you can install the Holoscan SDK separately from the SDK Manager via any of the methods described in SDK Installation - NVIDIA Docs. The SDK Manager is one of the ways to flash your developer kits, and there is not a way to have the Jetson AGX Orin developer kit discovered/recognized as IGX Orin developer kit in SDK Manager. You could still use the Jetson AGX Orin as itself and try installing the Holoscan SDK on there.

May I ask how we need to switch to the graphics display on AGX ORIN? We tried AGX Xavier using the L4T32.5.1 version is OK, but to AGX ORIN, running the script will get an error. The message is that the kernel version does not match. I tried to modify the version specified in this script, but the script also failed to run.

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