How to implement mouseclicks on deepstream python?

• Hardware Platform (Jetson Xavier)
• DeepStream Version 6 (Python)
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs)

I want to create an application based on deepstream-app 6 python. I want to get a mouse click coordinate as an input and then get the BBOX of only one object that is closest to that click. I searched the documentations but couldnot find anything that would allow me to get mouseclick events from the display. I heard about xvimagesink but I am not quite sure how to implement it in deepstream. I would be glad if someone could share their knowledge with me on this problem. It doesnot have to be xvimagesink, rather any kind of solution that would allow me to pass mouse click coordinate as input, would be of massive help. Thank you.

Seems GStreamer video sink question. Can you ask it in GStreamer community?

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