How to implement USB console by using USB-C device for Cboot?

Dear Experts,
May I ask you for help about how to implement or enable USB console by using USB-C device for Cboot?

  1. Existing feature:
    From: [NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Bootloader | NVIDIA Docs]
    I can get the Cboot logs by using UART Console.
    For example:
    [0002.213] W> display init failed
    [0002.213] I> Load in CBoot Boot Options partition and parse it - daison ***

  2. Expansion Feature for special debug that we want to implement:
    May I know how to implement or enable USB console by using USB-C for CBoot?
    The idea that I’d like to implement as the figure below:

Thank you very much, and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks and best regards,
Dai Son
My Background: I am newbie on this topic, I am sorry if my writing is not clearly.

Sorry that this is not supported.

Hi Wayne (@WayneWWW ),
Thank you very much for your prompt reply and support !

Hi Wayne (@WayneWWW)
May I check that is there supported to ridirect UART2 Debug console to USB port ?

If you mean those bootloader uart log, then it is not possible. Your “debug usb port” will only be ready after kernel is up. So the usb port can only see logs after kernel is up. For any log prior to kernel, may not able to see it.

Hi Wayne (@WayneWWW )
Thank you for your prompt support!

We are going to change the C-boot anyway, is there any approach that we could implement to enable the USB to-be-ready:

  1. during the C-boot is being loaded ?, or
  2. at the beginning of loaded C-boot ?, or
  3. at anytime possible before kernel is up?

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