How to input data for "set_task_data" cuopt server api

I have doubt regarding “set_task_data” input parameters
the “task_time_windows” what’s these two parameters for each location shown in example?
and what’s the unit to calculate this?
For Example: for one particular location we want to set time slot between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.
how we can add this slot in the “task_time_windows” parameter?
while adding “task_time_windows” we calculated the time in seconds from 12:00AM Mid night to 1:00 PM (46800).
similarly we added for 2:00PM (50400).
I see similar function for python is my_data_model set_order_time_windows.
is it right?

Hi @manas1 thank you for the question!

this question was answered on github issues, linking the reply here for visibility to other users