How to inspect/probe either .riva or .rmir file?

Given a .riva or a .rmir file, is it possible to inspect it to learn more about what is inside?

For example, when running the riva quickstart script, it downloads the following streaming conformer ASR model as an rmir: nvidia/riva/rmir_asr_conformer_en_us_str:2.5.0. My understanding is this file contains both an acoustic model (conformer architecture) and a language model (flashlight n-gram). I am interested in learning what decoding parameters (e.g. beam width, etc) were used when the model was originally created with a riva-build command.

Is there any way to probe this file to figure that information out? Similarly, is there any way to probe a .riva file to view the acoustic model architecture inside?

Hi @david.kaleko

Thanks for your interest in Riva

I guess we may not get the params from .rmir or .riva (guessing file type as binary), but i may be wrong, will check with my team and let you know

In riva quickstart guide, we may have some info on this on
After downloading the riva_quickstart guide, inside folder asr_lm_tools

But i will get the detail information once I connect with my internal team