How to install 8800GTX as 2nd card

I can install the 8800 as a primary card. When I install a cheaper card as the display card (5500), the system does not “see” the GTX

How do I install this correctly?

If you are using Windows is the 8800 listed under Display Adapters?
If you are using Linux is the card listed when you do a “/sbin/lspci”?

I have seen Opteron motherboards where you need to have 2 CPUs to enable both PCI-e slots. Which is the motherboard model?


windows does not see it

Motherboard is Nvidia 680i SLI

Cheap GPU is in a slot closer to CPU so that it should be seen first …

Which brand and model?

It is a Winfast …

I am giving up and going back to one board

Please see this post:…ndpost&p=176025

I’m running a FX 5200 as the primary video adapter (PCI), and 8800 GTS as the GPU (PCIe) under Windows XP.

[edit] Dell Precision 390