How to install a custom application

Hey I need to install blender and try the performance. As soon as I download the installer and give permission nothing happens. Help!!!

Hi Neenjo,

It is not possible to install your own apps. We had problems with abuse people trying to install bitcoin miners and some very odd things. If you contact an NVIDIA partner they may be able to offer you a trial.

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To provide the best performance and prevent any misuse of Trial, users are not allowed to install or run any software on their own.

If you need to install and run other than ready to use apps, add Custom Virtual Private Server.
People kept installing Cryptocurrency minors. So to protect the system from such abuse. you are now allowed to install new apps on your own.

I am also looking for the answer to How to install a custom application. Anyone with a perfect idea.

Thank you. The answer from Rachelberry answers it all

you can’t install a custom application