How to install audio2face inside machinima

machinima only has audio2gesture how about audio2face how add this inside machinima?

Hello @johnmrs06! In Machinima, version 2022.3.0 Beta, I see that there are several Audio2Face extensions enabled by default.

I also see Audio2Face options available under the Animation Tab


What specifically are you trying to do with Audio2Face? Have you tried installing the Audio2Face App from the Omniverse launcher, creating your facial animations, then importing that USD file into Machinima?

Wendy is right, that is the way to do it. Export cache from a2f app.

But they also now have this headless API:

Anyways, that is quite hard to use and you should be a developer…

So just follow the official way:

In that post is a good video I have made:

Pekka Varis