How to install AUVIDEA J120 carrier board directly from my Jetson TX2 development kit.

I read the instruction on how to install the firmware and i don’t want to go through installing everything again for my development kit. So is there any way to install the J120 firmware directly from my development kit ?? I am using UBUNTU 16.04.

What I suggest is that you first clone. Technically, you should be able to install firmware without flashing the rest of the system, but bugs and differences between releases always make the clone the best option. You probably want a backup anyway, and a clone can substitute for the sample rootfs and if the flash occurs of rootfs, then you are essentially flashing what is already there to itself…no change.

Instructions differ depending on release, but see:

If in doubt, please look closely at versions listed in the URL and consider patches to already done in more recent releases. Save your “backup.img.raw” (which is quite large), and any time you might be about to flash and don’t want your rootfs flashed make sure that is in the “bootloader/system.img” file name/location. Make sure you have lots of disk space free on the host. If you need more information be sure to mention your L4T version (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”).