How to install correctly scikit-learn in a virtualenv with jetson orin

Hello! I got a problem where a Follow the tutorial for install tensorflow in jetson system and everythin is good but then I create a virtualenv and also install again tensorflow and all those things the problem is that when I install scikit-learn there is a problem that said:

It seems that scikit-learn has not been built correctly.

If you have installed scikit-learn from source, please do not forget
to build the package before using it: run python install or
make in the source directory.

If you have used an installer, please check that it is suited for your
Python version, your operating system and your platform.

I dont know how to fix it, I try to install it from the git hub but nothings is working

Forget this a follow a tutorial and the error does not show it more, but now I got another error and is this

and these are the libs that Im using for my project


Have you installed the scikit-learn outside of the container successfully?
If yes, you can just create the virtualenv with --system-site-packages to use it.


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