How to install Cuda/OpenCL nvcc compiler for PCLinuxOS? Setting up Cuda Toolkit on PCLinuxOS2011

I’m having trouble getting this setup under pclinuxos(2011) distro. Basically, I already have the proprietary nvidia drivers setup and working for xserver. I also have nvidia-current-cuda-opencl (CUDA and OpenCL libraries) and nvidia-current-devel installed from synaptic package manager. However, I can’t locate the nvcc compiler anywhere nor are there any OpenCL/Cl.h header files to be found.

Anyone have any idea why these crucial development files aren’t present? Is there another install package I need to get? I need these for getting cpyrit-cuda to build – needless to say without the headers and nvcc cuda compiler this won’t work.

I also checked out but it isn’t clear if any of those packages are applicable to this particular distro.