how to install cuda8 instead of cuda9 without reinstall driveworks(drive px2)

my environment is driveworks6 with cuda9, ubuntu 16.04, device : drive px2
now I want use cuda8(required by caffe2 But I didn’t want re-install driveworks, how could i install cuda8 from apt-get or other pre-build file. I have seen some install file or repo on the website but only for x86 instead of drive px2 arch(aarch64), any suggestion ?


Dear sarveshd,
CUDA for DrivePX2 is part of driveinstall package and no seperate installer provided via repo or website.

So any suggestion for install caffe2 on drive px2 ? nvidia provided the install guide only for x86 device(, any steps for drive px2(aarch64) ? or did you know if it’s possible to install caffe2 with cuda9 on drivepx2 ? thanks

update: install caffe2 successed for cuda9. build from source code. thanks