How to install Cudnn On Nvidia Jetson TX2

I\m using Nvidia Jetson TX2. I flashed Jetpack3.3 but my program is not install CUDA and Cudnn.
I installed CUda 8.0 But I dont know how to install Cudnn arm. Because all file on is window or deb?
Can you help me? HOw to download and install cudnn arm. THank you.

Hi, cuDNN is installed through JetPack during the post-flashing steps, the package is not downloadable from the website.

If you have already flashed with JetPack 3.3, you can run the JetPack GUI from your host PC again. Make sure your host PC and Jetson are on the same network and that they can ping each other. Then in the JetPack Component Manager, you can ‘Clear Actions’ to de-select everything, and then under the Target device section near the bottom, just select Install CUDA Toolkit and Install cuDNN (and Install TensorRT if you want). This will just install these components instead of re-flashing the entire JetPack.

Worst case if you have problems, the packages themselves are downloaded by JetPack to the jetpack_downloads/ folder on your host PC, so you could copy those debs to your Jetson and install them manually if need be.

Hello dusty_nv,
Thanks for your response.
I decided copy those debs to my Jetson and install them manually. Can you help me the way to install them manually.


Please noticed that there are some dependencies between OS and package.
If you flash TX2 with JetPack3.3, you will need to install CUDA 9.0.

It’s recommended to reflash your device to get a clean environment.
Try to follow the script located at ‘[JetPack folder]/_installer/’ to install CUDA.
Copy the cuDNN package located at ‘[JetPack folder]/jetpack_download/libcudnn*’ into device and follow this command to install.


Hi AastaLLL,
Thanks for your support.
I decided install CUDA and Cudnn by PING from my PC and successfully. Thanks you.

hi, I have a jetson tx2 running on Cuda 9 and cuDNN 7.0.5 I want to upgrade cuDNN to 7.3.0 for Cuda 9 but in the nvidia archive there is only windows and linux can you tell me how to do it please?

P.S I do not want to flash the jetson again!