How to install Deepstream 5.0 and its gstreamer plugins on TX-2 with Jetpack 4.4?


We have an runing TX-2 system with Jetpack 4.4, and we want to install Deepstream 5.0.
Following the guide, we found the deb file: deepstream-5.0_5.0.1-1_arm64.deb from the JP download folder, so we upload this file to TX-2 and did
sudo apt-get install ./deepstream-5.0_5.0.1-1_arm64.deb

The installation went smooth, and /opt/nvidia/deepstream shows up. However none of the gstreamer plugins are installed, such as nvstreammux nor nvinfer. How can we get all plugins installed?

These are production systems and we are trying to avoid the Jetpack re-flash, so any guidence is appreciated. Thanks

please run under /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-5.0

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Thanks a lot, Amy.