How to install GDS - GPU Direct Storage

Hello everyone,

I am using GPU from a Google Cloud Virtual Machine Instance. I would like to enable GDS - GPU Direct Storage (directly from Storage(SSD) to GPU memory). My CUDA version is 11.4. But, I am not sure on how to install GDS and enable it. Are there any specific steps to install or can we directly use it by using the environment variable LIBCUDF_CUFILE_POLICY ??

I also got a reference to the following link :

But, I do not understand what a DGX Platform is and how to know whether I am using a DGX platform ??

I am new to using GPU, GDS and all, so any small clarification would be of immense help.

Thank you

A DGX platform is described here. The machine you are using in GCP isn’t one of those.

Those specific install steps are contained exactly at the link you indicated.