How to install GPU drivers for Azure Stack HCI 22H2?


We have Dell AX-750 + Tesla M60. We are using Azure Stack HCI 22H2 and we are trying to install GPU drivers from NVIDIA-GRID-Azure-Stack-HCI-525.60.13-527.41

Neither Windows Admin Centre’s GPUs extension or Devices → Drivers are able to install the drivers from \NVIDIA-GRID-Azure-Stack-HCI-525.60.13-527.41\Host_Drivers\Azure-Stack-HCI\Display.Driver folder. Either they get stuck “Searching for…” or stuck at “Update drivers…” and nothing happens at least for 15-20 minutes and I am sure the drivers should get installed in few minutes.

We also tried to install the drivers using “pnputil -i -a nvgridswhci.inf” That says installation was successful but nothing seems to be happening. WAC still shows GPU using “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” driver.

Any ideas? I cannot find any documentation how those drivers should be installed.

you need to check the requirements. Supported GPUs for Azure Stack HCI are only Ampere based GPUs. M60 will never work with Azure Stack.


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Thanks for the quick reply!