how to install infiniband driver(OFED) on xenomai

i want to install OFED driver on xenomai to complete our project

and i managed to install on ubuntu, but when i start to install on xenomai, it failed.

even i add “–add-kernel” flag and install any packages needed, i couldn’t solve this problem

i hope someone can help me

it’s important for me


HI Bai,

We test and support standard OS distribution for the OFED installation. Can you please elaborate on the details when you mention “i want to install OFED driver on xenomai”. Is this using a standard OS distribution? What is the OS version ? What is the kernel version?



thanks for your reply and apologize for my late reply

xenomai is a real-time linux kernel(actually there is two kernel in xenomai OS, one is realtime and the other one is linux kernel, this is xenomai website

when i was installing OFED, it said my kernel was not supproted and suggested me to add"–kernel-support" , then i did that, it said executed error and see xxxxxx.log.

my kernel version is linux-4.9.38 with xenomai-3.0.9