How to install Jetpack 4.2 installation from SSD in NVIDIA JETSON TX2 dev. kit

presently I am working with NVIDIA jetson TX2 dev. kit with Jetpack 3.3 for my video processing research. I am using it as an edge device. Also using one SSD of 128 GB of WD. Now, I want to change the software to Jetpack 4.2 with facility of booting the OS from the SSD so that I can Ihave more memory for storing and executing programs. This is required as I need more memory for my deep learning based applications.
Can anyone tell me how to start developing in Jetson TX2 using SSD. I have also watched similar video regarding “NVIDIA Jetson SDK Manager - JetPack 4.2”. Only missing part for me is how to make setup for the development from the SSD. They have already made a similar video for Jetpavk 3.3, i.e. “Develop on SSD – NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2”.

Otherwise, can suggest me how to change the root files in the SSD to make the changes happen so that I can develop on SSD? One more doubt is, are all the jetson TX2 boards are compatible with Jetpack 4.2? Kindly revert back me with necessary suggestions.

Apart from this I need to know that can I install cuda tool kit 10 in NVIDIA Jetson Tx2? in other-words, Is jetson TX2 is compatible with CUDA 10 (turing architecture).

Duplicate. See instead: