How to install Jetpack to be used along with e-CAM30_CUTX1 camera?


I bought e-CAM30_CUTX1 camera to use it on my Jetson tx2. However, If I try to install Jetpack3.3 it requires to flash the TX2 losing the drivers provided with the camera. How can I install Jetpack so it can be used with these camera?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Xiang,

  1. Install Jetpack3.3. This will erase all the eMMC contents such as rootfs, drivers, applications etc and install fresh Jetpack.
  2. Then, kindly follow the upgrade procedure as mentioned in the developer guide to update the kernel, device tree, driver modules, application etc. This will install the kernel, device tree, and modules. You can find the developer guide in Documents->Software folder.

When you follow the upgrade procedure only the kernel, device tree and camera modules will get updated. This will not erase the existing content of eMMC. So other tools/applications such as Cuda, OpenCV present in the Jetson device will be preserved.