How to install lantern on Jetson tx1

It seems no version of lantern on git can be installed on Jetson tx1. The Ubuntu Software Center prompted: Wrong architecture ‘i368’ very time I install lantern. Can someone tell me why? Thanks a lot.

Architecture of Jetson tx1 is aarch64. So how can I figure out a way to circumvent the censorship firewall ?

i386 is incompatible with ARM. It isn’t censorship, you’re looking at a repository for a different CPU which can’t possibly work on a Jetson (the TX1 is arm64/aarch64).

I mean, I need lantern to to circumvent the firewall. But I just can’t find the proper version with the right architecture. What can I do?

Lantern would need to be ported to aarch64/arm64. Where would you normally download this from? If the aarch64/arm64 version does not exist then you’d need the source code to port it to a Jetson.