How to install Mellanox Infiniband card and Intel Omni Path in  same server RHEL 7.3/7.4

Hi Team,

I am having another doubt with is Possible to install and submit the job via both Mellanox Infiniband Card and Intel Omni path in same machine.

If its possible please share link or document. I tried to install both QDR and Intel Omnipath in same machine i install via yum install Mellanox dirver and for intel omnipath i install OPA diriver.

Its like up but if i give command

[root@sklopenhpchead ~]# ibswitches

src/ibnetdisc.c:793; Failed to resolve self

/usr/sbin/ibnetdiscover: iberror: failed: discover failed

This error i received. After i try to install OFED instead of install via default RHEL package i am unable to install OPA driver since for OPA package need rdma package at time obstacle error i got.

Please help to solve the issue and i install both Intel Omnipath and Mellanax how to submit the job to specify both.

Thanks and Regards,

M. Murugayen