How to install PCL on TX2?


I installed PCL 1.8 on TX2 according to the Internet,but I found some strange problems in the process of using PCL.

Could you give me the way to install it?

Thank you!

hello lihuayang6,

may I know what’s strange problems you met,
you may also paste the failure message to have more details.

As JerryChang said, some more details would be helpful. I’ve successfully installed and used PCL 1.8 on the TX2 so I know for sure that it does work!


thank you for your help,I installed pcl on TX2 by another way ,and I ran the samples successfully,I think pcl has no


On the TX2, I want to add the qvtkwidget on the qt designer to display the pointcloud,when I installed the pcl,the vtk-

5.10 also were installed ,but i did not found,I want to know if I have to compile the vtk on the TX2,

Could you give me some instructions?

Thank you !

hello lihuayang6,

since the issue is not related to PCL, I would suggest you close this and file another new topics with proper topic titles, this move could let others to understand the issue easier.

hello JerryChang.

ok, thank you!