How to install Tensorrt 8.6 in Nvidia AGX orin with cuda 11.4

I am working in some AI/ML projects. I wanted to do inference of one of my deep learning model in tensorrt format(.engine) on my Nvidia orin board. I want 8.6 version of tensorrt and the orin board having cuda 11.4 setup. How i can install tensorrt 8.6 with cuda 11.4 supprt.

Is there any possibility of changing cuda version to 12?

Hi @nagireddy.raviteja
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Sorry for the late response.
Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared?

We have Drive AGX orin Board, the problem we are facing is , when we are flashing the board using SDK manager (version: cuda (11.4.327)& cuDNN(8.60.174) are getting installed in Tareget( orin board ) but Tensorrt(8.5.10) is not getting installed no matter how many times we try with different host .
and one more thing by using above versions we are not able to use GPU , even though in my application i’m giving input as GPU but by default is taking CPU.

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