How-to Install Tesla K40 and Quadro K620 with CUDA on Debian

I’m new to installing graphics cards on linux machines and am currently using Debian.

I am wanting to setup my Tesla K40 to be CUDA enabled, but am not sure how to proceed with the two graphics cards I have (the Tesla K40 as GPU compute and Quadro K620 for GPX).

Please could someone summarise the steps I need to take, or point me to a resource that goes through this?

Many thanks in advance for your help. javascript:void(0);

Debian is not an officially supported Linux OS for CUDA development/toolkit.

You may wish to follow the instructions in the installation guide.

If you have no experience with this at all, things may be simpler if you get CUDA installed on the system with just the K620 since you are using the K620 for display, and after everything is working, just add the K40 to the system. It should just work and be ready to go.